For Your Information


Rules and Regulations”


When you become a resident at Ridgefield you are given a copy of the “Rules & Regulations” for the Association.  Many people put them aside until there is something that needs to be qualified. 


These rules are meant to guide residents and owners actions so they can live in close proximity to each other harmoniously with the least infringement on each other’s privacy and lifestyle.  They are designed to not unduly interfere, restrict or burden the use of property and the lifestyle of residents.


All owners, residents and guest are obligated to read and abide by these rules which are meant to supplement the provisions of the Master Deed and Condominium Trust.


If you do not have a copy of these “Rules and Regulations please stop by the office and pick up a copy.


Rubbish Removal


Garbage and refuse shall be disposed of only at such times and in such manner as described below.

Residents who are unable to put their rubbish out on Wednesday morning can contact the Management Office for appropriate information and fees regarding this additional service.


Space Heaters


Space heaters are very dangerous and use is discouraged, as they can be a fire hazard. 


Did you know …

Squirrels are diurnal animals and are active year around. They usually build their nests in trees, using leaves and other materials. In the winter, they prefer nesting in holes or crevices of decaying tree branches. Squirrels give birth twice a year, in the spring (January-April) and in the fall (August-September). There are 2-4 babies per litter. The babies are self-sustaining at about 12-14 weeks of age and will leave the natal area in search of their own territory.

In the winter, it is harder for the squirrel to find new nesting material. Tree leaves that the squirrel uses to construct a new nest have fallen from the trees. The squirrel may have to improvise to find a new home like sheds or barns, non-running cars or trucks, covered porches, patios or your attic.  Squirrels in the attic are a very common problem. Damage to attics as a result of squirrel habitation can vary from very little to serious fire hazards. Here are some ideas on how to humanely deter them from coming indoors with you.


In this article we’ll talk about discouraging squirrel from paying your home a visit.

Birdfeeders and Squirrels – If you don’t like squirrels, don’t feed birds! Bird feeders are the best squirrel magnets.  If there’s a way to get to barricade a bird feeder, the squirrel will find a way to get around it!  However, if you insist on feeding birds, there are some things you can do to reduce the amount of squirrel traffic to your bird feeder.

Just remember, it’s always better to keep squirrels from getting in your house by discouraging them from coming to your yard in the first place.  In the next article we’ll talk about deterring and expelling squirrels from your attic, fireplace and walls.


Note:  The article was brought to you by the Ridgefield Grounds Committee (RGC), the Animal Wildlife Association, and the Squirrel Lover’s Club at Squirrelly Productions.  If you are not connected to the internet, visit your favorite bird feed or hardware store for the products described here.


{Sidebar: “The Ridgefield Grounds Committee welcomes YOU at all our meetings.  We are always seeking members to share ideas for making Ridgefield one of the most beautiful, safest and well managed communities in Massachusetts.”